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It's been some time since we've visited Croft (collectively, we reckon it's 5 years), but we do relish visiting this North Yorkshire track, even if there is a constant wind blowing across the track. This is one of the reasons it was selected as an RAF base (surprisingly, called RAF Croft) at the beginning of the second world war. The bombers have long since departed, the Rolls-Royce Merlins to be replaced by the noise of tuned engines and the evocative smell of high-octane fuel and burnt rubber.

Nick De Jesus 
The MGA truck rolled into Croft on Thursday night, ready for a full day's testing on Friday, with only Nick driving this time, Dave unable to make it to the circuit until Friday night. Nick had a great day's testing, exploring the outer reaches of the track, which unfortunately led to a couple of buckled rims. The kerbs at Croft are fierce, a feature that would come back and bite Nick hard later on in the weekend.
Nick De Jesus
Joining us this weekend is Ian McDonald; this is his first weekend racing at Croft, in fact his first weekend of racing! A baptism of fire then, and therefore a good idea to at least remove the worry and concern regarding the setup and running of the car and let an experienced race team take that on. It's a pleasure to welcome you Ian! 
Ian McDonald
Saturday started bright (and, as usual, early!) with just a covering of clouds, but you could tell the sun was going to make a long, welcoming appearance for the qualifying day. But, so was that wind, which blew strongly all day, masking the warmth of the sun, only relenting when the sun went down. Some drivers (Dave) had wished for rain during a session, but that was one wish that wasn't to come true all weekend. We weren't due out to qualify until 16:55 for the 15 minute session, so the team used the free time to tackle several jobs on the cars in preparation.
Qualifying was a straightforward affair, all going to plan, except for the final times, which didn't really give a true indication of Nick's or Dave's true speed. Nick qualified slightly better, in 23rd place with a 1:45.54. Dave was immediately behind, with a 1:46.04. The pole position car posted a 1:43.19 so both Dave and Nick know they have some ground to make up. Ian, in his first ever qualifying session, posted a 1:55.34, three seconds faster than the slowest car, a super performance. Yet again, a fantastic grid, with 40 cars competing.
Race day dawned a little damp, but any clouds that insolently decided to hang around didn't pose any threat and it stayed dry all day. A full schedule of events, not due to start until 12 noon due to noise restrictions, wouldn't see the MGA team out until 12:50, with the second BMW Compact Cup race due at 16:45, the third-to-last race of the day.
Race 1 got underway and immediately the Championship leader, Stephen Roberts, inched out a lead, which he would keep until the end. Nick's race was over almost as soon as it had begun, for on lap 2 he was pushed out wide taking avoiding action, and hit one of those fierce kerbs that Croft is renowned for. This unfortunately led to a severely buckled wheel that was rubbing on the brake caliper. That is some damage! Nick had no choice but to park up just before Chicane and watch the rest of the race from behind the fence.
Nick's buckled wheel
Dave fared better; although his race wasn't without incident, and his car collected a few new 'war wounds', he managed to finish in 18th place, just 35 seconds behind the leader. Ian finished in 30th, a super result for his first ever race.
Dave Whitmore
Race 2 saw a similar start, with Roberts again leading the way. Nick led Dave through Clervaux after Dave became swamped by other cars, leaving him nowhere to go. After that, they were in their own race. Nick had a tough race, but kept clear of the kerbs and managed to finish in 17th place. Dave suffered a bit more after being hit at Hawthorn and spun around onto the grass. He quickly got going again and was catching Mark Armstrong, but alas it was too late to improve his position. He finished in 28th place. Ian also had a bumpy race, but held it all together to finish in 35th place.
Dave Whitmore
Croft delivered an exciting weekend's racing again and we look forward to our next visit; hopefully, it won't be another 5 years!
Next track on our schedule is Oulton Park, on 4th July. As well as being our home track, it is also where Mike, and to a lesser extent, Dave, spend a lot of their time, so visiting Oulton always feels very special. See you there!

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